Episode 2 - A Practical Guide to Speaking at Conferences, with Johanna Rothman

For the second episode, I had the honor to talk with Johanna Rothman on the topic of Speaking at Conferences, tips and tricks on it and how to become a better one. She recently wrote the book of "Write a Conference Proposal the Conference Wants and Accepts". We discussed the book as well. If you are thinking of starting your speaking journey, I recommend to listen to the show and highly recommend to read her book.

Johanna Rothman, known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” provides frank advice for your
tough problems. She helps leaders and teams see and solve their problems, resolve risks,
and manage their product development. Johanna is the author of seventeen books and
hundreds of articles. Find the Pragmatic Manager, a monthly email newsletter, and her
blogs at jrothman.com and createadaptablelife.com.

Her new book: Write a Conference Proposal the Conference Wants and Accepts

Resources from the podcast:

Episode 1 - Agile Certifications

Welcome to Lean on Agile Podcast, a podcast about Agile & Beyound. I'm your host, Shahin.

This is our first episode. The topics we are covering in this episode:

  • How to Start in Agile Certifications? 
    • What is Certification? 
    • What are my thoughts about them?
    • What does it show? 
    • From a beginner perspective
    • From a recruiter perspective
    • From a hiring manager perspective
    • From a knowledge perspective
  • Scrum bodies
  • ICAgile 
  • Kanban
    •  Changed recently, 3 levels 
  • DAD 
    •  Recently acquired by PMI -my story
  • LeSS 
    • Based on Scrum, I have done it, very close to Scrum@Scale it seems 
  • SAFe
  • Technical Certifications
    • DevOps - ICAgile, SAFe
    • Not a unique body